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Enphase Microinverters: Smart Solar Technology

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We are the largest Enphase microinverter installer in Australia and have been voted the #1 installer based on customer feedback. Our customers love our hassle-free & professional installation with full service and technical support.

An Enphase microinverter system can further reduce your power bills thanks to the world’s most advanced microinverter technology. An Enphase IQ8 microinverter sits underneath each panel, allowing for panel-level output that can significantly increase the output of your system. Enphase microinverter systems are smarter, safer, flexible, more reliable and durable.

Solar Panel
Increased Output

Advanced Microinverter Technology

An Enphase microinverter is attached to the mounting kit underneath each panel. The micro inverter uses state-of-the-art electronics to convert DC to AC underneath each panel. This allows each individual panel to output power independently from the other panels, significantly increasing system output.

Solar panel
High Reliabilty

Long Warranty For Your Peace of Mind

Your Enphase systems come with a 15-year microinverter warranty which you can easily extend to 25 years for a small cost. Enhpase systems installed by us come with a full replacement warranty, so you are not out of pocket in the event of a warranty claim.

Energiemanager Heartbeat mit Hand und Versandkarton

Real Time Monitoring

An Enphase system comes with an Envoy Communications Gateway, which is the networking hub for the system that allows you to connect to the internet to transfer live data on system performance and critical issues.

The Enlighten software platform provides you with ongoing performance data either on the app or by logging in on a computer. Enlighten has a user-friendly and engaging interface to view your energy production at both the panel level and what the whole system is producing.

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High-quality Products

1KOMMA5° works with the best products available to maximise output, reliability and longevity. We also provide customised solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Industry-leading Install Standards

All 1KOMMA5° installations are done by CEC accredited experts and come with full technical support and warranty service.


Reliable Customer Support

Our support team is local (no call centres) and we have been awarded by the world’s leading solar companies as the best installer in Australia, year after year.

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